Friday, June 23, 2006

Quick Note About Larry Brown

We all know that Brown has been canned by the Knicks; no need to re-has that. I did receive this today from RealGM's newsletter:

The Knicks reportedly are not planning on paying Larry Brown the more than $40 million remaining on his contract. Citing a clause in Brown's contract that requires him to follow club policy, the Knicks will seek arbitration with David Stern. They believe he acted beyond the perameters of his coaching position in attempting to make trades and also violated media policy by talking to reporters outside the presence of a team public relations person.
I am not one bit surprised to read this. On one hand, the argument could be "why did they hire him, and then fire him when he did exactly what everyone knew he'd do?". However, if he did indeed go behind the team's back, and if they wrote language into his contract saying that he couldn't do that, then it would appear that the team has a case. I'm happy to see this, for two reasons: 1. I have never liked Brown, he seems like a real ass. 2. I'm glad to see someone standing up to his bullshit tactics.

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