Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Telfair Rumor & Live Blogging The Draft Tomorrow

In case any of you haven't heard by now, the Blazers are rumored to be in trade talks with the Boston Celtics. Portland would send Sebastian Telfair to Boston in exchange for the #7 pick and Dan Dickau. Chad Ford is reporting that Portland has concerns about Dickau's health, and have requested to see his medical reports. If they look good, then the deal may go down.

I have mixed feelings about this trade. To me, when a high school player -- especially a point guard -- goes straight to the NBA, his first two seasons are essentially a free pass. The third season is where you truly start to evaluate this player and where significant improvement should be seen. Telfair has been fairly inconsistent over the past two seasons, as should be expected. Overall he's been much more of a scorer and much less of a passing guard than I expected. That said, he's shown enough skill -- there is no doubting his quickness, ability to get to the rim, and his value in transition -- where I would like to see what he can do for another year. However, getting a top-10 pick in return for him seems to be tremendous value and I doubt Portland will ever have the opportunity to trade him for that high of a pick again.

What I question is, why get the extra pick? If the club drafts Morrison at #4 (or higher) and they would use the #7 to draft a big man, then sure -- makes sense. But say Morrison is not available and they draft a big man at #4 -- Aldridge or Bargnani, for example. Then what would they do with #7? Draft a wing man? There isn't a player that makes sense at that spot, as it's very unlikely that either Rudy Gay or Brandon Roy slips that far.

So it's a bit of a head-scratcher. But we'll find out tomorrow.

Oh -- and don't forget, we'll be live-blogging the draft tomorrow afternoon. Check back to this site around 4pm and you'll see our draft post. The way we'll do this is we'll start a draft post and continue to update it with every pick. So all you'll have to do is hit "refresh". E-mail us with any questions.


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