Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Trades and Odds

In case anyone was wondering how the Blazers could just acquire James Jones from the Suns for nothing, it comes back to the Randolph trade. According to Canzano on his blog over on the Oregonian's site, Assistant GM Tom Penn fleeced Isiah out of a $3 million trade exception in the deal. The original deal was to be Webster and Randolph for Frye and Francis, but by trading three people for two, they acquired the $3 million trade exception. Let's just say that I had no idea this rule existed in the CBA, pretty sure the Knicks didn't, but luckily our guy did. The Blazers then used that trade exception to acquire James Jones for nothing.

There's been rampant speculation about who the starting SF is going to be when the Blazers open the season, so in the spirit of the Las Vegas Summer League, here are the odds for who that may be. First some ground rules, when oddsmaking you have to realize that people that are currently on the roster have a better chance than someone who's currently employed by another franchise. The Blazers have stated that unless someone does something crazy, they will likely match any offer to Outlaw, but Udoka is potentially going to be the odd man out. Anyway, the odds, based on rumors from around the league:

Starting Small Forward on Opening Night:
Travis Outlaw: 3-1
Jimmy Jones: 5-1
Ime Udoka: 7-1
Corey Maggette: 10-1
Shane Battier: 10-1
Gerald Wallace: 15-1
Marvin Williams: 15-1
The Matrix: 20-1
Mo Peterson: 25-1
Q Richardson: 25-1
Des Mason: 30-1
The Field: 10-1


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