Sunday, July 01, 2007

Things I'm Hearing

A few rumors floating around...
1. The SF that Portland has acquired in the deal that can't be announced yet may be Shane Battier.  I don't have a clear picture of what would be going out yet.
2. Another name I've heard for the potential small forward is Boris Diaw. 
3. Kevin Pritchard was on Sports Business Radio over the weekend, and he let it out that the player Portland has agreed to acquire is an "acclaimed" one.  Take that for what you will. 
4. I also have it on good authority that Portland contacted Gerald Wallace of the Charlotte Bobcats today to feel him out.
5. Steve Francis' agent was in Portland on Saturday to meet with Kevin Pritchard and Tom Penn.
6. Joel Pryzbilla's "Base Year Contract" status expired on Sunday, so it's a very strong possibility that he could/would be a part of any deal, which also may cause some of the delay.

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The Spin said...

Portland has a lot of promise on the way. It'd be best to part ways with Stevie Franchise asap. He's only going to bring down team morale. Check me at