Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Quick Draft Overview

A quick look at draft prospects for the Blazers the way I see it:

Start Making Room For Banners:
Greg Oden
Kevin Durant

No real justification needed for these two. I'm in the Oden camp, but it's certainly conceivable that the best place in the Lottery is the #2 pick and letting someone else decide for you.

Print Game Tickets For Next May:
Corey Brewer
Julian Wright
Jeff Green

They have one glaring hole in their lineup at small forward, I like all of these guys for various reasons. Brewer would be ideal and I think he's target #1 if they don't wind up in the top 3 picks.

Wild Cards:
Joakim Noah
Roy Hibbert
The Chinese Guy

All very interesting, Noah and Hibbert could present them with a ton of leverage and versatility in moves this off season. I think Noah makes his team better in a lot of ways and could be a great fit, I know The Other Guy isn't as sure. He's more of a Hibbert guy. The Chinese Guy, I'm not real sure about, don't know enough about him other than he's interesting. A 7 foot small forward is what is sounds like.

Would Need A Time Out In A Padded Room:
Spencer Hawes
Brook Lopez

Seriously, I think Chad Ford has them in his Top 16 as a joke. If the Blazers even have them in for a work out I might have to whack them on the knee outside the practice facility like Nancy Kerrigan.

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