Monday, April 16, 2007

Quick Check Around The League

A few items to catch up on today.

Knicks Interested in Ruben Patterson

Man, that’s funny on so many levels. But that was an actual headline that I read this morning; apparently the Knicks are going to make a play for a sign-and-trade for Patterson. Because they don’t have enough wing players. And after all, it’s only Ruben Patterson in New York City — what could possibly go wrong?

The Tim Duncan Extravaganza

I was actually watching this game as it happened, as I was biding time until the Cubs game started on WGN. Let me share with you that I am certainly no Tim Duncan apologist, but what happened to him was reprehensible. Referree Joey Crawford gave Tim Duncan a technical foul for essentially complaining about an on-court call while Duncan was on the bench. He wasn’t showing him up, he didn’t even stand — he simply made a comment from the bench. Then a few minutes later, Crawford makes another call (another bad call if I may add) and Tim Duncan and Robert Horry were laughing. What were they laughing about? Probably the call, but who knows. So Crawford gives Duncan another T and ejects him from the game.

What the hell is that? If Duncan had stood up, put his hands in the air, and made a big deal out of it — fine. But he didn’t. He didn’t do anything even close. In fact nobody would have noticed it if Crawford hadn’t given him a technical. The first T was a joke, and the second one was borderline retarded. This is the type of action that should get a referee suspended for a significant amount of time.

Playoff Update

West: Lakers are in, The Warriors destroyed Minnesota and the Clippers lost yesterday, giving Golden State the inside track to the #8 seed. Both teams have two games left. East: Orlando & New Jersey are in, Indiana is out.

Draft Seed Update

As we all know, Portland knocked off Seattle yesterday, effectively locking in Atlanta and Seattle as the #4 and #5 spots. The Blazers are now tied with New York and Minnesota for the #6-8 spots, with Charlotte, Sacramento and Philly right behind. We’ll have another close look at this tomorrow, following tonight’s game.

Recommended Reading

If you aren’t reading Paul Shirley’s journals on, you should be. His stuff is fantastic. The most recent article can be found here, and there’s an archive along the right-hand side. Great stuff.

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