Tuesday, April 03, 2007


After watching that title game, I'm even more convinced that if the Blazers catch a break and win the lottery they have to take Greg Oden. His offensive game is nice, but it's on the defensive end that I think he's a true difference maker. The shot blocking ability is just out of this world.

I wouldn't have a problem with Noah if he fell to the Blazers in that 6-8 draft spot. He's the new Dennis Rodman. He's not going to be an all star in the NBA, but your team will be better if he's on it.

Corey Brewer might be a better fit if they decide to keep Randolph long term. Lock down defender and a good perimeter game, but surprisingly explosive too.

Z-bo done for the year with a random hand injury, I guess we'll get to test out that theory that their offense looks better without him out there clogging it up.

I see visions of a starting 5 running the floor of Sergio, Roy, Rashard Lewis, Aldridge, and Noah and I start to get the shakes. That's everything you want in a roster, pass first point guard, two dynamic wing players, and two post players that are ideal for each other. Aldridge has the offensive game, Noah doesn't need the ball in the half court, and both are good defenders, specifically help defenders off the ball.

I'm leaving the Kevin Pritchard stuff to The Other Guy, who will be making his triumphant return here shortly. That's much more of his type of stuff, but I definitely like the move.

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