Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Live Blogging, Blazers v Wolves

Welcome to a new feature on the Blazers Blog, live blogging of a game. What follows is a beer induced haze throughout a Blazers game and we'll see where it takes us, hopefully a win.


Let's just say there were four pints of Terminator and a Communication Breakdown burger involved. The wife is out of town, beer and burgers ingested, I'm enjoying my state of gluttony, let's move on. I'm now parked in front of the tv with a 6 pack of PBR pounders. I said this was going to be interesting, I shutter to read my fourth quarter comments tomorrow morning. I'll be back after the first quarter.

1st Quarter:

Sometimes I wonder if Brandon Roy is just a rookie and looks this good then how good can he be. I have no idea but holy crap, he's starting to seriously dominate already and he's played about 25 games. He's started hitting those deep jumpers to augment his driving game, I was joking earlier this year when I called him The Savior, he just may be. 10 points, a couple dimes, boards, and a steal already. Apparently giving the big F-U to Foye in the ROY debate.

As for the rest of the 1st in Larry King style, quality air ball from Joel wide open at the free throw line...Mark Blount steals Joel's UIC Moment (unintentional comedy) by going nothing but glass on a free throw line jumper, always better than a straight air ball, but then following it up with a hook shot air ball on the next possession, good times...How come every time I watch Ricky Davis he's fucking awesome, like totally unstoppable, if he just played in games I watched he'd be an All NBA player...Someone tell Aldridge he doesn't need to foul Mark Madsen...Blazers up 1 after 1, I'll be back at halftime...

2nd Quarter

As usual, nobody cools off a hot player quite like Nate. It's like he always cherished that role as a player and he decided to roll it over into his coaching, Roy didn't re-enter the game until about 3 minutes left. Awesome. The Larry King "..." style second quarter notes:

Martell Webster is doing his Bryce Taylor impression. A bench sniper that realized that if you attack the basket it opens things up. Martell looked better in that quarter than he's looked in the first year and a half. No idea how that happened, but I like it...Dixon still sucks, immediately entered the game and launched a 2 from one foot inside the line and clanked it, followed by numerous dribbles into double teams and bad shots. I hate John Dixon...Sergio, seriously, what's not to like. That tear drop he hit a couple of times was great, his court vision was great, his tempo control was great, he may reach man-crush status in the next few months...Marco Jaric looks like he's been drinking beers with me for the last 3 hours, I think he's drunk, Jaric is officially my favorite T-wolf, besides KG's goatee, which might need its own jersey number...we'll see you again after the third quarter.

3rd Quarter:

Well that sucked. They're down 2 headed to the 4th but they started the quarter with a nice 7-0 run capped by a patented Udoka 3 from the corner, but proceeded to give it all back plus 2.

Udoka looks like a vital piece of a playoff team going forward, the guy that plays good D and hits those dagger 3's in the corner...Kevin Garnett can still dominate anyone in the world when he feels like it, awesome quarter for him...Z-bo tried to keep up with The Big Ticket and didn't do too bad a job of it, he's just not as visually impressive as KG...Joel is starting to have a distinct Flo Hartenstein-ness about him, every game is starting to be in the realm of 15 minutes, 2 points, 1 board, 0 assist, 5 fouls...and finally, I hope Nate is happy, he put the shackles on Brandon Roy, 11 points in the first quarter, zero since. Let's hope Brandon can shake his best defender in the 4th (Nate) and lead us to a victory...

4th Qtr:

We'll keep this short because it's heading to OT...Aldridge, balls of steel...The All Star can promptly go fuck himself, he's crushing my will to live and so is Nate for playing him in big spots. According to Rice it was "interesting" to have him in the game in that spot, I would call it "moronic" but that's just me. Now, we head to OT, let's get a W boys...


Blazers win!!! Hmm, how do I treat this? Do I address the fact that Nate has proven himself to be either a complete idiot or a mad genius by making it as tough as possible on his young team? It has to be one of the two when discussing the whole "Magloire defensive switch" situation for the whole 4th quarter and OT. Every time they had a clock stoppage and brought him in for Aldridge, KG went right to the basket and scored, whenever they couldn't stop the clock Aldridge kept KG in front of him and the Wolves had no option beyond a Ricky Davis 20 footer. I like how Mike Rice kept going with "this is an interesting switch, bringing in Magloire who Garnett has scored on every time down the floor." Yeah, again I go back to my 4th quarter comment where "interesting" should be substituted for "moronic". Still, the Blazers won, thanks to herculean efforts by Brandon Roy, Jarrett Jack, Z-bo, and most surprising, token Lochi whipping boy, Martell Webster. I loved the way he played tonight. Great job Martell.

Thus ends the Live Blog for tonight, coming soon to the Blazers Blog, a look at the potential Point Guard Conundrum, stay tuned...

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