Thursday, January 11, 2007

Brain Fart

Nate has officially lost his mind. A great little transcript of Jason Quick asking him a whole host of questions regarding Aldridge, The All Star, Juan Dixon, and Subterfuge Stevie possibly telling him who he has to play:

This is the type of vague response that kills me, the whole "I'm the coach and I make the decisions, and I guess I'll leave it at that." Clearly that's a problem then, because if you're the coach and you are playing who you think are the best players, then playing The All Star and Dixon the minutes you are means you're a freaking moron.

Now, I like Nate, but I'm starting to become concerned about his coaching, I'd be lying if I said otherwise. I don't think he plays his best players, I don't think he has much of a substitution pattern at all, never adjusts during games, and so on. The biggest problem is that he just completely implodes in general logic situations. A perfect example would be his new three guard rotation of Jack, Roy, and Dixon. I'm all for more Brandon Roy, all Roy all the time, that's great. Benching Sergio because he doesn't play very good defense and playing Dixon more is just ridiculous though. Dixon is awful on defense, Quick, to his credit, addresses this in his report. Dixon is also a mad gunner who thinks he gets bonus points for degree of difficulty on his shots. At least Sergio makes the team better on offense, Dixon makes it worse on BOTH ends of the floor. Nate's brain farts in logic are what are starting to give me doubts about his ability to lead this team into the future.

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