Monday, January 31, 2005

Reader Email

One of our readers, Andrew, sent in the following email:

This season is a wash for the Blazers. Although it may happen, firing Cheeks probably isn't the answer unless you can convince Phil Jackson to return to thebench. Probably not going to happen. I support thejob that GM John Nash has done. True, he hasn't mademany spectacular moves, but he has been admirably patient despite the circumstances.

What do you think? Personally, I think Nash has dropped the ball in not making some kind of move in dealing Shareef and allowing Anderson to stick around this long as the team's starting two-guard. At the time, I liked the Rasheed - Shareef/Ratliff deal, and until we find out what Shareef lands us, it's too early to make a final decision. I also think you've got to give Nash at least until this year's trading deadline.
The question is, whatnow? Cheeks has clearly lost the respect of his team. The Miles incident is merely the latest in a longstring of incidents that point to Cheeks losing control . So, do you fire Cheeks now? What sort of message does that send to the players? I think it's obvious that a trade has to happen soonerrather than later. Fortunately we are quicklyapproaching the trade deadline and Nash does not havemuch more time to be patient. Damonand NVE have been playing well of late and their contracts are attractive. One or both of them need togo for a solid (decent, even) 2 guard and backup powerforward. The bottom line is, Portland needs to forget aboutbuilding this team on the fly and seriously start there-building process.

Interesting thoughts from Andrew. Has Cheeks lost the respect of this team? Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that we aren't of the highest opinion of Mo -- but to say he's lost the team implies two things: 1. That he ever had them (debatable given the cast of characters that have come in and out since his arrival), and 2. That most of the current team doesn't respect him. I'm not sure that #2 is true. Regardless, one thing we can all agree on is that something with this team needs to change. Including the "big win" over the clips, the team has now lost 13 of its last 17, can't shoot the ball, and looks awful at times on offense. Considering the trade assets that the club has got to work with (Shareef, Damon, and Nick VE to name a few), I don't see any reason why we shouldn't be able to address some of these needs very quickly.

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