Monday, January 31, 2005

Blazer Roster Movement

Back on January 10, I was pretty happy to see the team sign James Thomas to a 10-day contract. Granted, it's hard to get too happy over a 12th man, but Thomas was the last guy cut during the roster cuts before the season. He was all over the court, played very physical, and swallowed up rebounds like Oprah at a buffet table. The best comparison I can think of would be Seattle's Reggie Evans. That contract was followed up by another 10-day contract, which was the third 10-day contract that Portland had signed him to this season -- which means that at its conclusion they had to either cut him again or sign him for the remainder of the year. The team opted to release James, and he's now back with the Roanoke Dazzle of the NBDL. Thomas played in nine games, starting twice and averaging just under 3 points and 4 rebounds in 12 minutes-per-game. His career eclipse was a 15-rebound performance against Cleveand two weeks ago. Good luck, James.

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