Friday, January 28, 2005

Miles screams at Cheeks

Hey! Some more fantastic news out of Blazerland. Apparently, Darius Miles "belittled" coach Cheeks in practice, going on a tirade and using racial slurs. I'm sure this one will be good for a game or two suspension for D-Miles. We've all seen how well the team plays when Darius and Zach aren't in the lineup, which is piss-poor. With Zach not all the way back yet and Darius just having come back from injury, this was a stupid thing for Miles to do.

Sidenote: Not that I can really blame him; I know that I've gone on many a tirade against Mo Mo the Clown while sitting on my couch at home. But you can't treat your coach that way.

UPDATE: Portland has announced that they've suspended Darius Miles two games, for "conduct detrimental to the team and insubordination".

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Anonymous said...

Should have been a longer suspension...