Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Big Pimpin'

I just heard the new Blazers ticket promotion on the radio driving to lunch and let me just! Apparently starring in the new episode of "Pimp's Up, Ho's Down" on HBO will be the 2006/07 Portland Trailblazers marketing team. In case you haven't heard this bad boy yet, I'll fill you in on the details, and yes, they're fantastic.

The Blazer Dancer Ticket Package features 4 games against the Lakers, Mavericks, Suns, and someone else (I was a bit distracted to hear the 4th team). With those 4 games you also get a "meet and great" with a Blazer dancer. Awesome. I do like the fact that they are no longer using any players in adds, no silly catch phrases, just a pseudo-date with one of their hot cheerleaders if you buy a 4 game package. This is a great precedent to set, can I hang with some Duck cheerleaders when I renew my Duck football tickets next year? I suppose that's a "no" since they won't be going the football equivalent of 21-61, maybe the Beavs can run this promotion for their fans.

One more thing, can someone ask Subterfuge Stevie where this fits on his 25 Pieces of Flair plan to fix the organization's image? Or was it the 25 Points of Light? I forget.

Update: I guess you get a swimsuit calendar too, this thing just keeps getting better and better. Here's the link:

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