Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Let's Get This Out Of The Way Right Now

... before the season starts. I know this is a basketball blog, but you must pardon my momentary digression. I am a Seattle Seahawks fan. Have been for my whole life. It's been painful, it's been funny, but for the last few seasons it's been great and save for a terrible interception and a few blown calls, we'd be talking about the defending champs right now. That said, I have very high expectations for my boys in blue this coming season. Seattle is absolutely the favorite in the NFC, and easily one of the top three teams in the NFL. So what I'm saying is, they will likely win many games, enter the playoffs, and have a legitimate chance to win the whole damn thing.

My blog cohort on the other hand is a fan of the Denver Broncos. Yes, the same Denver Broncos who needed five chances (and four in our lifetime) to win their first super bowl. The ones who were led at quarterback for several years by a man who's teeth resemble that of a well-fed equine. The team who only received that player because he was a whiney, crying baby bitch just like Eli Manning and refused to play for the team that drafted him. The only team in the league that resides in a snowey area, yet their coach eminates an eery day-glo. His team, although probably not their conference favorite and probably more like a top-6 team than a top-3 team, is also among the league's upper echelon and with their cakewalk of a division will likely win many games and enter the playoffs.

Fortunately, our teams play in different conferences and rarely meet on the field any more. Granted, we were a vintage Jake Plummer performance away from meeting in the REAL granddaddy of them all, but fortunately it didn't happen (and if it would have, I'd probably have a different blog partner, to be frank). However, this year is different. On December 3, the two teams meet in a late-season squirmish which will likely have home-field-in-playoff implications for both teams. Fortunately for my cohort, this game takes place in Denver, which is not the easiest place to play in December. Nonetheless, it promises to be quite a battle.

You may be wondering, "what exactly is the point of all of this?" Well I'll just come out and say it: you may sense a bit of tension around these parts as the NFL season moves briskly along. The tension hasn't started yet, and probably won't until around Thanksgiving. Now that the Seahawks are among the league's elite, two things have happened: 1. Its fans have become slightly insufferable, and 2. many people -- fans of other teams -- are threatened by this, and have difficulty comprehending it. My co-author of this blog happens to be one of those people. So consider yourself warned.

Oh, and by the way: GO SEAHAWKS.

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