Monday, July 24, 2006

I Miss The Rains Down In Africa

Seriously, who turned on the heat? Did I move to Africa and someone not tell me? I'm not built for this kind of heat, so I may be a little delirious typing this post. I still don't have a title for this little section of rants and opinions, rest assured there will be one by the time camps open. Anyway...

Apparently the package is out there for anyone that would like to take a shot on Darius Miles, the package being Miles and Steve Blake. Hard to believe they aren't finding any takers on that dynamic duo. Might as well throw Ha in there to sweeten the pot.

Freddy Jones is now a Raptor, this makes me sad. Yes, my dream of having Telfair run the fast break with Freddy streaking to the basket for one of those insane dunks has died. I think he's a pretty good fit for the Raps though, a good move for them in an off season of general stupidity (Villanueva for TJ Ford? Come on now, there had to be alcohol involved with that decision).

Iverson to Boston, get it over with already, I'm tired of reading about it. That's certainly going to be the smallest backcourt in NBA history, Iverson and Telfair, I wonder if anyone's going to post them up?

Sonics to somewhere in Oklahoma, whatever. I'm sure this will be a much bigger topic down the road, but the Blazers aren't going to Seattle. Everyone remain calm during the subterfuge (hah, take that Stevie) that will come out of the Blazers front office in the next year or two.

Shawn Kemp busted for drugs. I think Bob Whitsitt just tried to sign him to play D-line for the Seahawks after hearing the news.

USA basketball, is it me or is there still a shocking lack of shooting on that team? Don't get me wrong, a lineup of Paul, Wade, LaBron, Carmelo, and Brand looks like it will be awfully fun to watch. But if Gilbert Arenas is your outside shooting threat, odds are you're going to see more 2-3 zones than you would if you played 10 games in a row against Syracuse. If Redd isn't going to be available, and you pretty much got the big F-You from Kobe, don't you think it might have been a decent idea to have Mike Miller hanging around under the premise "if the shit hits the fan, at least we'll have one guy that can launch from downtown." Apparently the backup plan was...well there was no backup plan.

In honor of one of the last great NBA fans, Bill Simmons, picking an EPL team, I'm an Arsenal fan to his Spurs. The fearless Moderator of this board is a communist and cheers for Manchester United. As for the bandwagon factor for the Gunners, I prefer the term frontrunner.

Now, about that air conditioner...

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