Thursday, July 06, 2006

Give Me Some Of That Tasty Spanish Chocolate Love

I am slowly becoming a massive fan of Sergio Rodriguez ... aka Spanish Chocolate. The guy flat out has ridiculous handle, so much so that I'm nearly willing to declear Sebastian Telfair a "poor man's Sergio Rodriguez." Sounds ridiculous? Click here to see a YouTube compliation of some of his highlights (thanks to Eric at OregonLive's site for providing this link). Remember, this is the Euro league that he's playing against, but also remember that most NBA scouts claim that the Euro leagues are as tough if not tougher than NCAA Division 1 basketball. You'll be amazed at his quicks, handle, and ability to break down mutliple players at once and either find the open man or create the open shot. I'm telling you: this kid will be good. Maybe not this year, but soon after. I just hope he can find some PT behind Blake and Jack.

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Lochi said...

Is that Flo Hartenstein he scored on in the video?