Thursday, February 17, 2005

NBA Trading Deadline: One Week Away

That's what I keep telling myself. It's getting really, really hard to watch Blazer Basketball these days. The mantra that's repeated around these parts is: "Mo is just playing these vets because management wants him to increase their trade value."



Ugh. Let's hope so. On Monday, we talked about the possible 2-guards that have been rumored to be available. I haven't seen, heard, or read any updates on that front. One thing I would like to caution everyone on: please don't listen to Chad Ford's ridiculous trade idea on ESPN that involves Portland sending Shareef, Ruben, and Miles for Latreel Sprewell and Szerbiak. Yes, it addresses our 2-guard need, but what Chad fails to note is that it creates a giant hole at the "3". Really can't see that happening, and I also don't think there is a chance in hell that Portland goes out and gets Sprewell. Can you imagine the public backlash?

Back to Portland's current situation. Got this email this morning from a buddy of mine who's a big Blazer (and Seahawk) fan, subject line was "Serenity now":

"So they trail by 9 when Telfair comes in late in the third, trail by 1 after he hits a 3 (71-70) and as soon as they get within 1 Van Exel comes back in the game, and the Blazers don’t score for another 4 minutes. Just fantastic. Theo had another sweet line, 24 minutes, 0 points, 2 boards and a block. However, what can you say about Pryzbilla, what the hell has happened to that guy? He’s racking up 18 and 17’s like it’s high school. He even had 6 blocks to go with his 18 and 17 last night. Yowza. Anyway, I get more and more frustrated watching Telfair turn games around only to be sent back to the bench and watch the team go to hell. It’s like Mo is trying to lose games on purpose."

I couldn't have said it better myself. Nice to see 65-year old Reggie Miller torch Portland for 36 points last night. Oh, and did I mention that earlier in the week Portland eeked by with another three-point desperation win over an expansion team on Monday night?

The team is off for the next six days, at which point they'll hopefully return to action with a spanking-new shooting guard and one less point guard. And they'll need it, because the schedule in March gets brutal. I'll be posting any legitimate trade rumors and Blazers news as soon as it comes across, so feel free to check back often. I'll close today's column with the following note about Portland's last two games and let you figure out for yourself who should be shooting more and who should be shooting less.

1. Van Exel/Stoudamire: 23-of-58 (39%)
2. Pryzbilla/Patterson/Miles: 44-of-77 (57%)


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