Thursday, February 10, 2005

Expanded: Blazers pull advertising from Oregonian

As reported below, the TrailBlazers have announced that they're pulling all of their advertising from The Oregonian.

What do you think about this?

Pulling all of your advertising in the city's only paper with legitimate circulation ought to work wonders for turning up the dial on the 28th-lowest-attendance in the league. Is the team trying to wage war on the paper? Seems ridiculous to me. Yes, Canzano and Quick are very critical of the team. So pull their credentials.

People who are hard-core blazer/nba fans such a ourselves don't necessarily get our blazer information from the newspaper. But there are thousands of fans in the Portland metro area who -- unfortunately -- get their sports information via the Oregonian and from the 60 seconds of sports on local news. These are the people who attend anywhere from 0 to 3 games per year -- and these are the people that the team is trying to reach. Folks like us will watch the team and attend games regardless -- folks like the people I'm talking about actually make decisions about the team based on this crappy information. Actions like the Blazers' last night will be very negative towards trying to reach those people.

Clearly, the team at this juncture is saying that leveraging its product to try and halt some of this negative press -- or at least get an apology out of the the Oregonian and make them think twice about publishing some of this stuff -- is worth the cost of eliminating one of its mediums to meet this audience.

Some might argue that the Oregonian's columnists have become so negative that they've lost perspective and objectivity, making this a good move. What do you think?

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