Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More On Blake

From ESPN.com's John Hollinger (arguably the most underrated hoops journlist on the net):

Mark (The OC): John, Thanks for the good work. With Chad out, it is nice to know that ESPN had Tom Brady waiting the in wings... ...quick question- is Portland attempting to become the West Coast version of the Wizards? With the signing of Blake (or at least the intent to sign him) how will the backcourt minutes be divided? Is there still the thought that Telfair is the future? I know he had a great Summer League, however, with Blake and Dixon on board... Mark

John Hollinger: Thanks, although this comparison unfairly compares Chad to Drew Bledsoe. I'd like to think of it more as Montana handing off to Steve Young ... at any rate, don't worry about Telfair, he's still their guy. Blake isn 't any kind of threat to become a starter, and he'll be battling for scraps with Jarrett Jack as the backup. Dixon seems headed for the off guard spot and could even start if Martell Webster proves unready.

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